We’re pros at PRE-PRO

TV, Video, and Film Pre-Production

We’re ALL IN from day one.  From the Producer to the DP to the Editors, we’re all on board from the very beginning to ensure our client’s vision is captured from the first meeting to final delivery.  Our team of Project Managers and Producers put in place checks and balances to keep things on track and on budget.  It’s about keeping that feel-good production flow.


Ready, Set, Shoot

Photography, Videography, and Motion Graphics

Neato stays up-to-date with the latest camera tech and support, not just by reading but by doing.  With a truckload of our own gear, including lights and a variety of camera support equipment for our RED Helium Weapon, we are ready to outfit your production with the tools to accomplish your vision.


From Cut to Color

Award Winning Production and Video Editing

This is where the magic happens. We have touched the souls of millions with the work completed by our award-winning post team.  From powerful and tear-jerking network shows to tickle-your-funny-bone local spots, from emotional and comedic feature-length films to dynamic music videos, our team has one goal in mind: delivering the highest quality stories we can create.  We are able to provide all of your post needs, from Editing (Adobe Premiere, Avid, FCP) and Color Grading (DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Speedgrade) to Sound Design, Sound Mixing (ProTools), and VO recording.  Our team is comprised of Emmy Award-winning editors and sound engineers, outstanding composers, uncompromising colorists and, of course, our key component, a little bit of pixie dust.


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