Neato Pictures is a super-charged team of production creatives who live for bringing big ideas from script to screen through full service television and film production.   

Neato Pictures is a super-charged team of production creatives who live for bringing big ideas from script to screen through full- service television and film production.   


What is NEATO?

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That's NEATO!


Neato Pictures is a super-charged team of production creatives who live for bringing big ideas from script to screen through full-service television and film production. 

We are based in Denver, CO and our clients span the region and the globe.

From commercial production and corporate branding videos to original television content, we bring stories to life with seamless production management, captivating cinematography, and Emmy Award winning post production. 

Our approach goes deeper than just creating outstanding content, it’s about connecting--connecting with our clients to create a production experience that is superior in the industry.  


Team Neato

Our core team is compiled of seasoned production pros, each with more than 15 years of experience.  Let’s just say it’s not our first rodeo.  Having worked together on various ventures and projects over those years, our team has a unique synergy that makes what we do that much more fun. 



Brandy Echery


Brandy has a passion for story and a built-in curiosity that has allowed her to work with large corporations, government agencies and cable networks over the last 17 years of her television and film career.  As a seasoned Producer, she has produced and directed hundreds of commercials, corporate branding and marketing pieces and has developed regional and national cable programming content. Brandy understands that story and vision are only half of the equation to making a successful project.  Her attention to detail and experience managing large projects and budgets help her not only see the vision of her clients and agency partners, but deliver on it.  




Steve Roberts


Steve Roberts is an award-winning cinematographer/director of photography with more than 20 years of experience filming narrative fiction, commercials, documentaries and travel television. With a well-rounded mix of technical expertise and creative artistry, Roberts is committed to fulfilling the director’s vision in a compelling way while completing projects on time and within budget.

Roberts has completed hundreds of projects across many industries in the U.S. and around the world. He regularly assists the American Society of Cinematographers with their Master Class of Cinematography, uses his storytelling skills to give back to the community, and works to inspire others to enter the field.


Jeff Warren


Jeff Warren is a National Emmy Award winning video editor. For nearly twenty years he's passionately told stories through video. Jeff has worked on everything from local commercials to shows for networks such as HGTV, Food Network, and National Geographic. Jeff recently completed a 13-month RV trip with his family. They reached their goal of visiting all 50 states. Along the journey, Jeff edited shows for multiple clients and managed to win a national Emmy for his work on the Food Network series, "Giada in Italy."


We love our work and working with exceptional people, so we always look to bring the best players to the table.  Neato has an extensive list of trusted partners and collaborators we work with to ensure the right fit for the project and the highest quality end product.  From set design and talent casting to sound design, animation, special effects and more, yep, we’ve got that.  If you can dream it, we have the team that will make it happen.  



We’re pros at PRE-PRO

We’re ALL IN from day one.  From the Producer to the DP to the Editors, we’re all on board from the very beginning to ensure our client’s vision is captured from the first meeting to final delivery.  Our team of Project Managers and Producers put in place checks and balances to keep things on track and on budget.  It’s about keeping that feel-good production flow.


Ready, Set, Shoot

Neato stays up-to-date with the latest camera tech and support, not just by reading but by doing.  With a truckload of our own gear, including lights and a variety of camera support equipment for our RED Helium Weapon, we are ready to outfit your production with the tools to accomplish your vision.


From Cut to Color.

This is where the magic happens. We have touched the souls of millions with the work completed by our award-winning post team.  From powerful and tear-jerking network shows to tickle-your-funny-bone local spots, from emotional and comedic feature-length films to dynamic music videos, our team has one goal in mind: delivering the highest quality stories we can create.  We are able to provide all of your post needs, from Editing (Adobe Premiere, Avid, FCP) and Color Grading (DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Speedgrade) to Sound Design, Sound Mixing (ProTools), and VO recording.  Our team is comprised of Emmy Award-winning editors and sound engineers, outstanding composers, uncompromising colorists and, of course, our key component, a little bit of pixie dust.


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